The New Motor License Office System for Vehicle Registrations and Renewals

The New Motor License Office System for Vehicle Registrations and Renewals

Last Update: 18 January 2023


  • Introduction

Kano State Internal Revenue Service has embarked on a long-term project for improving its motor license office (MLO) services. The project will involve a comprehensive revamp of the MLO processes, issuance of new highly secured motor registration particulars, and the opening of new service centers (as well as the renovation of old service centers) to name a few. The first phase of the project has already started on December 2022; a new major service center is now open to receive the public at 6Km Hadejia Road and the new particulars (card & sticker) are in effect.

KIRS kindly requests and urges all motor vehicle owners in Kano to visit the new center(s) to renew their expired vehicle particulars immediately for them to be considered legal on the road and to enjoy the benefits of the new system – carrying only a single document (one card) instead of a bunch of papers as a proof of ownership, registration, insurance, roadworthiness, and all other details.


This section of the website will be continuously updated with useful information to keep the public duly informed about the new system. So, please visit us frequently for the latest updates.

  • Questions and answers that are commonly asked about the new system

  1. What are the new vehicle documents that the MLO is issuing?
    • The new documents that MLO will issue when you register/renew your motor vehicle are:
      1. A Plastic Card containing all essential details of the owner and the vehicle
      2. A Windshield Sticker containing partial details of vehicle
  2. How does the new card and sticker look like?
    • Vehicle Registration Card - Face      Vehicle Registration Card – Face


      Vehicle Registration Card - Back
                                           Vehicle Registration Card – Back


      Vehicle Registration Sticker
                              Vehicle Registration Sticker


  3. Is the card mandatory? Is the sticker mandatory?
    • The card is the only document that you will need to be legal on the road.
    • The windshield sticker is not mandatory. It only provides additional means for the law enforcement officer on the road to “visually” verify the vehicle for faster processing. Even if the vehicle displays a sticker, the law enforcement officer will still ask the owner to present the card.
  4. How do I get the windshield sticker?
    • You will be eligible to receive the windshield sticker only if you bring your vehicle physically to the MLO service center.
  5. Do I require additional documents for my commercial and/or a heavy-duty vehicle?
    • No, the card (and the sticker) will bear all the necessary information for private, commercial, and government vehicles.
  6. What documents are required to renew vehicle particulars?
    • For New Registrations you will need:
      • Dealer invoice/receipt (as proof of purchase)
      • Owner’s ID (NIN OR Passport OR Driver License OR Election Card)
      • Customs clearance documents
    • For Renewal you will need:
      • Old vehicle registration documents
      • Owner’s ID (NIN OR Passport OR Driver License OR Election Card)
  7. What is the process of vehicle particulars renewal?
    1. Visit one of the official MLO service centers
    2. Go to the RECEPTION desk to fill a form and to check that you have the correct pre-requisite documents for your requested service
    3. Proceed to the CASHIER desk to pay the fees for the requested service
    4. Proceed to the CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT desk to complete your transaction
    5. Visit the DELIVERY desk to collect your documents: CARD and/or STICKER and/or LICENSE PLATE
  8. Is motor vehicle insurance mandatory?
    • Currently, third-party motor vehicle insurance is mandatory only for new vehicle registrations. For registration renewals, insurance is not mandatory.
  9. Can I acquire the mandatory third-party insurance from any insurance company of my choice?
    • Currently, you can only acquire the mandatory third-party insurance for your new vehicle registration application from the insurance platform approved by KIRS. This is done during the registration process inside the MLO service center.
  10. What are the services currently available at the MLO office?
    • New vehicle registration
    • Renewal of vehicle license
    • Transfer of vehicle ownership
    • Third-party insurance (as a mandatory service only for New Registrations)
    • Fancy / out-of-series license plate number
    • Dealership license / renewal – coming soon
    • Replace Lost / Damaged card, sticker, or license plate – coming soon
  11. Are these new vehicle documents valid across the country?
    • An official announcement has been made by KIRS to all the states in Nigeria to inform all levels of law enforcement about the new system and the new vehicle documents of Kano. KIRS will continue to communicate with all relevant legal entities across the country to ensure a smooth transition to the new system and guarantee public satisfaction.
  12. What are the currently active and official MLO branches:
    • Currently there is only one official service center opened at 6 Km Hadejia Road near Federal Road Safety office.
    • Very soon we will announce the re-opening of two more centers: the original center at KIRS headquarters at bank road and the previous center in Sabon Gari.
  13. Are there other legal entities that are entitled to issue or renew motor vehicle particulars?
    • No, the MLO branch(es) mentioned above in question #12 are the only authorized centers for motor license services.
    • It is illegal to use any old method to register or renew your motor vehicle after 01 December 2022.
    • All motor vehicle particulars issued after 01 December 2022 using the old system / methods are considered illegal.
  14. How can we contact you for further inquiries?
    1. Visit our website
    2. Email us at
    3. Call us on 08177416260 or 08067597629
  15. What are the fees of the various MLO services?
    • A table containing the fees of all services will be published here soon.







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