The Kano State Revenue Administration Law, 2013, established a Board known as the Kano State Board of Internal Revenue whose operational arm is known as the Kano State Internal Revenue Service. Read More


To be an exemplary model in tax administration that encourages voluntary compliance in accordance with international best practice.


To provide effective and efficient tax system that enhances revenue generation and makes the state self-reliant.


  1. Register with a tax authority and obtained tax payer identification number (TIN).
  2. Assess yourself to tax.
  3. Charge, deduct and remit PAYE and WHT as an entity or institution.
  4. Make full voluntary disclosure of all incomes and expenditures.
  5. File tax returns, on or before the due dates.
  6. Declare and pay tax in full on or before the due date through KIRS designated collection banks and obtain e-ticket.
  7. Keep proper books of accounts, records and documents.
  8. Comply with all the other obligations imposes on the taxpayer by the tax laws.
  9. The tax payer should notify KIRS of any change that relates to his tax matters.


  1. Be informed and assisted on any personal income tax matter.
  2. Be given tax payer tax identification number (TIN) free of charge.
  3. Object to tax assessment within 30 days.
  4. Appeal against a notice of refusal to amend an assessment.
  5. Be issued a tax clearance certificate upon settlement of tax liabilities or be given notice of denial within two (2) weeks of application.
  6. Demand for proper identification from any person claiming to be an official of KIRS.
  7. Be granted refund on excess tax paid after proper auditing with the option to offset future tax liability.

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